Furries In A Blender - Straight Wikked B.L. Style

Furries In A Blender
Straight Wikked B.L. Style
Label: Halley Labs ‎– none
Type: CDr, CD-ROM, Limited Edition, Numbered, Reissue, Stereo
Country: Canada
Date of released: 24 Oct 2018
Category: Electronic
Style: Happy Hardcore


1 Data Track 4:23
2 Warning 0:12
3 Heaven Above 3:28
4 Caramelldansen 3:50
5 37 Dicks 3:55
6 Habs Tha Para 2:45
7 Master Of Diagrams 3:02
8 Radioactive Rats 4:25
9 Rarehero 2:53
10 Into The Inferno 2:57
11 Hide And Seek 4:41
12 Ticking In My Head 2:32
13 I Can Walk On Water, I Can Fly 3:31
14 Cancer 4:54
15 Where'd You Go 3:09
16 Blender Style 3:06
17 I'm Incontinent + Blue RMX 5:58


This release differs from the original release from 2007 in that they are printed on regular CDr discs instead of the PlayStation-style black discs originally used. Additionally, there is no label on the disc, aside from a very small one noting the name of the album. There is a typo on this label—it reads "STRAIGH WIKKED B.L. STYLE". A signature and some other bits of text are drawn on the disc in permanent marker. The insert is a modified version of the original—it has a note mentioning the copyright information is expired, and another thanking the owner for their ongoing support. The first track on the album is a data track, but is playable as audio as well.

Included with the album was a 2YR booklet, an ASTROANTEDILUVIAN sticker, a MEGAx5 sticker, some candy, and a letter with the following text:


thanks so much for picking up some of my spare stock on 2018/10/24. i've been in a bit of a pinch and it helps out an absolute ton.

i was struggling to decide what bonus goodies to include, but settled on a 2YR booklet (i have at least a hundred more spares), ASTROANTEDILUVIAN sticker, MEGAx5 sticker, and some candy.

i also made 8 new copies of "STRAIGHT WIKKED B.L. STYLE" by hand the same evening, with an exclusive inlay-friendly redesign. only a couple of these were ever made over a decade ago, and the full quality version has not been publicly available until now - yes, NOW, the moment the first one of you receives your package. feel free to rip and share it. you'll find that the previously available version online is missing the unlisted track and fake "data track" opening, and was only available as 192kbps MP3s.

i didn't have any black CD-Rs on hand, so i just used what i had. no disc labels, either, just sharpie and a little title label. please only play this in tray loading devices, or remove the label if you're going to put it in slot loading devices (cars, apple computers, etc) as the label might fuck it up. if you ignore this warning it's your own fault.

anyways, that's it and that's all, i hope you enjoy the nostalgic surprise. thank you again for the ongoing support.

lots of love,
Emma Essex"